The 7th House

the last temptation is the greatest treason

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This is the 7th House.
how many do I need, you ask?
As many as it takes.
I seem to go through these like Dillinger through a midwestern bank chain.

I keep this like watchdogs for my humors.
I only have four.

But enough about me.

No. More.
I was the first to say "myspace" and other organizations of its ilk and the internet in general eats a lot of shit, but on the Other Hand, I need to be fed.
I need to feed my ego and I gotta feed the head.

Po Lazarus!
Rise, Lazarus!
Come Forth, Lazarus!

And he came fifth and lost the job.

I'm back. Start banging your erasers you pinhead delinquents.
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